2015 Awards

The 2015 Committee’s Choice Award

The 2015 Committee’s Choice Award was won by Joseph Schwarte of Gays Mills, Wisconsin. Joe’s beautiful custom furniture can be found in homes from New York to Los Angeles and Minneapolis to Memphis, but mainly in Chicago and here near his home in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. His finely crafted work has been shown in many publications, most prominently Fine Woodworking Design Book Five, The New Art Examiner and a number of newspaper features and magazines.

The 2015 People’s Choice Award

The 2015 winner of the People’s Choice Award was Jamie Heiden of Holmen, Wisconsin.  Jamie is a repeat winner, having won the award in three prior years: 2010, 2011 and 2012.  All of her images begin with this digital photograph. Additional photographs are then layered on top of this base image. Playing with each layer individually allows for a finished product ever so slightly varied from traditional photography and represents slices of time showing the magic in this reality. Jamie strives to find that little bit of fairytale everyday.

Merit Award – Hannah Heyer

Hannah Heyer (left) is a self-taught painter who works in both oil and watercolor.  Much of her work is done in plein air, capturing the rural southeast Minnesota landscapes around her family home farm.  Her plein air work may be completed in two to three hours, and her studio work is informed by the studies she completes on site.

Merit Award – Lisbeth Quebe

Lisbeth Quebe is an oil painter now living in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. Her subjects include still lifes filled with heirloom, antiques, flowers and other items that resonate. She paints landscapes both en plein air and in her studio, and most recently, has been painting the animals—chickens, work horses, and especially cows—that roam the family farms near her home in the Driftless Area.