2014 Awards

Ellen Kallies of State Street Gallery (right) presents the Committee's Choice Award to Darla Ellickson.
Ellen Kallies of State Street Gallery (right) presents the Committee’s Choice Award to Darla Ellickson.

The 2014 Committee’s Choice Award went to Darla Ellickson of Decorah, Iowa.

A self-taught artist, Darla has been creating her unique contemporary jewelry for over 30 years. Her innovative earloops, “no holes required” earrings and her large dramatic neckpieces caught the eyes of the jurors. “the silver jewelry was particularly striking,” one juror stated, “clean rich-looking designs that avoided fussiness, resulting in simple, handsome pieces.”

Darla and her husband Glen run the Ellickson Jewelry Collection Studio in Decorah and were instrumental in developing the popular Northeast Iowa Studio Tour.


The 2014 People’s Choice Award went to Hannah Heyer of Dakota, Minnesota.

Hannah is a self-taught painter who works in both oil and watercolor. Much of her work is done in plein air, capturing the rural southeast Minnesota landscapes around her family home farm. Her plein air work may be completed in two to three hours, and her studio work is informed by the studies she completes on site.

Hannah will be the guest artist at VIVA Gallery in during the month of June, 2015.